Video, Photo, and Live

Connecting the Giroptic iO to the Apple device will automatically start the iO 360 app. A spinning iO logo will appear while the camera boots to eventually be replaced by a preview of the camera feed as shown below:Once the preview is displayed, the user will have the option to either: 

  • Click on    to return to the “Moments” section,
  • Record a video, take a photo, or go live in 360!


To shoot a video, simply press the blue button. The length of the footage will be displayed in the upper part of the screen and any navigation gesture such as zooming or scrolling will still be available while recording.Clicking the blue square will end the recording and the video will be saved on the device. The footage can be viewed by clicking on the bottom left thumbnail or by accessing the “Moments” section of the app.


From the preview screen, click on the “Photo” option and a spinning iO logo will be prompted while the camera re-initializes itself.

Once the initialization process has been completed, the photo preview will be displayed in order to:

  • Take a photo by clicking on the shutter button

  • Use the timer to shoot a photo with a specific delay  

The photo you just shot can be viewed by clicking on the bottom left thumbnail or by accessing it through the “Moments” section of the app.


The iO 360 app enables live streaming over YouTube or a custom server. To do so, click on the “Live” option from the preview and select your live platform. 

YouTube Live


After selecting the YouTube option, complete the Google login process then follow the instructions prompted on the app to enable live streaming by navigating to: to: and click on “Get started” to initiate the setup process. Go through the 2 following steps until receiving the confirmation message:

After doing so, the user may select the “Check my account” option back on the iO 360 app and start live streaming in 360!

Go live

After clicking the red recording button, the app will initialize the live streaming and eventually prompt the user with the live stream preview window:

Edit live

At any point during the live streaming, the user can modify the title, the description as well as the audience setting by clicking on    the button located in the top right corner of the live stream preview.

Share live

Users will also be able to share the YouTube link on Facebook by clicking on   as shown below: